Esperanza Bilingual Dyslexia Practitioner Training

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Esperanza is a Spanish multisensory, structured literacy program for the Spanish-speaking student.  The program can be completed in one school year.  The preferred level for instruction is first grade.  Each lesson is approximately one hour in length and includes eleven activities per lesson.  The most important point to make about the Esperanza Program is that it is a balanced approach to language arts.  It meets all the descriptors of the National Literacy Panel’s Report (2000) regarding best practices for literacy instruction.  It is a comprehensive intervention program for students who struggle with reading writing and spelling or students identified with dyslexia.

This training is for bilingual teachers in public and private school settings.  It includes classroom instruction and supervised teaching over a minimum of nine months.

Five Day Training Course + Four Seminars


Course Requirements:

  • Prerequisite: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education or related field

  • Attendance at all Esperanza Bilingual Classroom Instruction – 65 hours minimum

  • Attendance at the four Seminars

  • Attendance at one professional conference

  • Five observations (demonstration lessons)

  • Nine months minimum for completion

  • Two Book Reports, Case Study

  • *Daily teaching of student(s) or group(s) to acquire supervised clinical teaching hours (Group instruction counts as one session)

  • Exit exam

*Teaching/Practitioner Level requires a minimum of 100 teaching hours with daily lessons which last a minimum of 60 minutes.

Summer 2019 Course Dates: July 8th - 12th. Seminar dates TBD.