Basic Introductory Course - Teaching/Practitioner Level

Two Week (Ten Day) Training Course + Four Seminars
(dates for seminars will be determined during training)
Tuition: $2,500.00 (includes all materials for first year)

Certification Requirements:

  • Prerequisite: A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in education or related field

  • Attendance at all Basic Course Classroom Lectures – 100 hours minimum

  • Attendance at the four LEAD Basic Course Seminars

  • Attendance at one professional conference

  • Five observations (demonstration lessons)

  • Nine months minimum for completion

  • Four Book Reports, Case Study, Article Reports

  • *Daily teaching of student(s) or group(s) to acquire supervised clinical teaching hours (Group instruction counts as one session)

  • Practicum Project is to be completed by the end of the first year of training.

  • Exit exam

*Teaching/Practitioner Level requires a minimum of 100 teaching hours with daily lessons which last a minimum of 45 minutes.

CEU’s are required at all levels after certification.